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NABat Summer Occupancy Analysis 2010-2019

Updated: Mar 14

We have made available our first set of results for one of three status variables for North American bats. Through this work we developed an analytical pipeline supported by web-based infrastructure for integrating continental scale bat monitoring data (stationary acoustic, mobile acoustic, and capture records) to estimate summer (May 1–Aug 31) occupancy probabilities and changes in occupancy over time for 12 North American bat species.

You can access results through:

  • An online summary hosted on the NABat Partner Portal where you will find high resolution occupancy and change maps along with trend estimates for how occupancy has changed over multiple time periods (2016-2019, 2012-2019, and 2010-2019) across the modeled species range and for individual states and provinces.

  • A USGS Data Release where you can access the .csv’s of the model results that were used to generate these maps and trend estimates.

  • Interactive maps supplied through a Tableau dashboard where you can manipulate your view and toggle between years and species.

  • A detailed report is in the very last stages of review and will be published in the coming weeks.

  • A manuscript is forthcoming.

If you have feedback to offer on these products that can help improve future iterations, let us know.


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