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Credit: USDA/Preston Keres, edited

Create an account

An NABat login and password are required to access most features of the NABat Partner Portal. Interested individuals should review NABat's terms and conditions prior to requesting an account. Follow the instructions on this page to register as an NABat Partner.


Become an NABat parter

1. Navigate to the NABat Partner Portal and click the Login|Request an Account button (top-right corner). 

2. The log in process varies depending on a user's affiliation with the Department of the Interior (DOI). Any user outside the DOI is considered an External Account. Users setting up an External Account should begin by clicking the Log in with button, then follow prompts to create an account.

Users within the DOI must register for an NABat account through the Log in with BisonConnect button.

3. Once an account is created/approved, navigate to the NABat Partner Portal and log in.


4. Once logged in, click the My Projects tab from the top menu bar. A user's current projects will appear under this tab. If the user wishes to join an existing project, contact the project leader and request to be added as a member.

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