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Our Network

Fundamental to the success of the NABat program is the collaborative network upon which it stands. Our partners include local, federal, state, and provincial agencies, non-governmental organizations, and universities who are collecting monitoring data across the continent. Without these partners, none of this work is possible. 

The Coordination Team

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Brian Reichert

 NABat Program Coordinator

Jordi Segers

NABat Coordinator Canada

Bethany Straw

NABat Assistant Program Coordinator

Dane Smith

Technical Outreach Coordinator

Frankie Tousley

Technical Monitoring Liaison

Brad Udell

Quantitative Ecologist

Ashton Wiens

Mathematical Statistician

Our Core Planning Team

Jeremy Coleman

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Jon Reichard

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Kathi Irvine

U.S. Geological Survey


Wayne Thogmartin

U.S. Geological Survey


Susan Loeb

U.S Forest Service


Ted Weller

U.S. Forest Service


Tom Rodhouse

National Park Service


Michelle Verant

National Park Service


Mylea Bayless 

Bat Conservation International


Winifred Frick

Bat Conservation International


Frank Quamen

Bureau of Land Management


Charles Francis

Canadian Wildlife Service


Cori Lausen

Wildlife Conservation Society, Canada


Eric Britzke

ERDC Environmental Laboratory