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Important Updates to NABat Partner Portal Login Credentials

Hello NABat Partner Portal Users,

ScienceBase account registration and login is migrating to to ensure enhanced safety and security.

All NABat users who have a registered NABat account through ScienceBase will now be required to link their account through This is only relevant for users with ScienceBase accounts. If your account is registered through BisonConnect or, no action is needed. The next time users with ScienceBase accounts log into the NABat Partner Portal you will need to follow the instructions below to complete this process.

1. Navigate to the NABat Partner Portal.

2. Select Login|Request an Account (top right corner of landing page).

3. Under the “External Accounts” section of this page, select Log in with

4. Toggle the “Sign in|Create an account” button to the Create an account option – button will turn blue when selected.

5. You will be prompted under “Create an account for new users” to enter your email address. Use the same email address registered to your ScienceBase NABat account.

6. Select your email language preference, read and accept the “Rules of Use”, and Submit.

7. You will receive a confirmation email from addressed to the email used above. Open the email and follow instructions to confirm your account via the link provided (link provided expires after 24 hours).

8. You will be prompted to set up a two-factor authentication process for your account. Once two-factor authentication selections are made, you may select Skip for now to continue.

9. If your registered email matches that used for your ScienceBase account, you will be prompted to “Continue to ScienceBase Login”. To link your new and ScienceBase accounts, select the Agree and continue button.

10. The email used above will receive a message from ScienceBase/Fort DSST IAM titled “Link Login-gov”. Open the email and follow instructions to confirm account linkage (link provided expires after 5 minutes).

11. Your accounts are now linked!

12. Log into the NABat Partner Portal using your new credentials. All projects, project memberships, and associated data connected to your ScienceBase account should now be available while logged in with your credentials.

Please reach out to our Technical Outreach Team or self-schedule an NABat User Support Appointment if you run into any issues.

Thank you,

-the NABat Technical Outreach Team


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