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Establishing conservation baselines with dynamic distribution models for bat populations facing...

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Bat mortality rates from white-nose syndrome and wind power development are unprecedented. Cryptic and wide-ranging behaviours of bats make them difficult to survey, and population estimation is often intractable. We advance a model-based framework for making spatially explicit predictions about summertime distributions of bats from capture and acoustic surveys. Motivated by species-energy and life-history theory, our models describe hypotheses about spatio-temporal variation in bat distributions along environmental gradients and life-history attributes, providing a statistical basis for conservation decision-making.

Rodhouse, T.J., Ormsbee, P.C., Irvine, K.M., Vierling, L.A., Szewczak, J.M. and Vierling, K.T.

Diversity and Distributions, 21(12), pp.1401-1413.


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