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NABat R Package (nabatr) Update

NABat just released the updated NABat R Package (nabatr)! The North American Bat Monitoring Program: R Data Connection Package can be used to extract and upload data to the NABat Monitoring Program through the GQL API. This software is written as a wrapper around the NABat GQL API. Documentation for the database and API can be found at This code includes the ability to reformat NABat data, upload NABat data, create reports, find GRTS cells, and more (see vignettes in package). This code does not support modeling and analysis of data.

Vignettes and Examples can be used to better understand/utilize the functionality of the code. Users may access data or connect to projects that they have permissions to in the NABat Partner Portal (NABat Website). Because permissions are defined NABat Partner Portal user accounts, users must have a partner portal account to interact with the NABat API. Accounts can be created via the Partner Portal.

If you are new to R, check out the guide to getting started with the NABat R package and this video tutorial that will walk you through the guidance.


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