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Field Data Apps

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

There's an increasing number of field apps available to support data collection in the field. The following list includes common apps that may be useful to NABat Partners. The apps below can help NABat Partners navigate to their survey location, track and export mobile routes, fill out and submit forms offline, and allow groups of users to mark locations on a shared offline map.

While this is not a comprehensive list and we do not endorse any commercial product over another, we wanted to provide examples of options that may meet NABat Partner needs during the upcoming field season.

Some of the information listed below may fall out of date as these apps are updated. Users are encouraged to go to each source for the most up to date information. All of the information provided in the tables represents the free versions of the app, so additional functionalities may be provided with a subscription. Clicking on the photo below will enlarge the table for improved reading. Hyperlinks to each of the websites are provided below the table.

Hyperlinks for each of the apps-


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