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Using KPro 5 for NABat?


Wildlife Acoustics has added the ability to capture NABat-required fields in the Kaleidoscope software and output this information in a file that can be opened in a spreadsheet tool or uploaded to the NABat platform.


Using Sonobat v4.2+  for NABat?

Sonobat v2.png

 NABat Master Sample

and Grid-based Sample Frames

  • The 10km and 5km grids (Hawaii and Puerto Rico) grids used for NABat sampling.  These contain the GRTS draw but allow for updates to the attribution of spatial attributes at later dates.

Attributed NABat Master Sample 

and Grid-based  Sample Frames

  • An attributed version of the 10km and 5Km NABat grids that removes grids cells entirely covered with water.  These are the current layers we'll be using in NABat collection efforts. 

  • Download the Master Sample by State

North American grid-based sampling frames

  • General grids which come in 50km, 10km, 5km and 1km versions.



For questions, contact the NABat Coordinating office: 

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