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NABat News: January 2022

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Official Data Call: Submit Summer 2021 Data BOEM Offshore Wind Energy Auction

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Official Data Call: Submit Summer 2021 Data

In support of upcoming status and trends analyses, NABat formally asks that all partners submit their outstanding Summer 2021 survey data before March 1, 2022. If you collected any summer data via stationary acoustic surveys, mobile transect surveys, internal or external colony counts, or mist net/harp trap captures, please don't delay getting it uploaded to your NABat Project. Data received after the deadline may not be included in this year's modeling efforts; however, users who are unable to meet the deadline should still submit their summer data ASAP as such data will be valuable for future status and trends analyses and reports.

New training videos are available! Follow along the processes for uploading metadata and acoustic files, as well as processing acoustic data in Kaleidoscope or Sonobat software. See NABat's Resources page for additional guidance on processing and uploading data or ensuring data quality.

Our Technical Outreach Team is available and happy to help if you have any questions about analyzing, formatting, or uploading your data. You can also reach out to your regional Hub Coordinator for guidance!

BOEM Offshore Wind Energy Auction

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland announced that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will hold a wind energy auction on 23 February 23, 2022, for more than 480,000 acres in the New York Bight. This will be the first offshore wind energy auction under the Biden-Harris Administration. See the official announcement for more details!

BOEM Requesting Comments

The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is requesting public comments on its draft Environmental Assessments for offshore wind energy leasing within the Gulf of Mexico (through February 9, 2022) and Humboldt Wind Energy Area (through February 10, 2022).


NABat's Spring Webinar Series Seasons are changing. Winter work will soon come to an end putting summer on the horizon! Follow along with NABat experts as they walk through the timely processes of uploading winter colony count data and how they plan for summer research. See below for specific dates. Formatting and Uploading NABat Winter Colony Count Data March 29, 2022; 3:00-4:30pm ET This webinar will provide tips and guidance for uploading colony count data to the NABat Partner Portal, avoiding and correcting common errors and data quality issues, manually creating new survey events and editing survey details through the Partner Portal user interface, and more. Prepping for NABat Summer Acoustic Monitoring: Part 1 April 19, 2022; 12:00-1:00pm ET This webinar will focus on pre-season preparation tasks like creating a new NABat project, selecting NABat GRTS cells, using web-based tools to choose prospective survey locations, and more. Prepping for NABat Summer Acoustic Monitoring: Part 2 April 21, 2022; 12:00-1:00pm