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Photo credit: Thomas Cuypers

Molossus molossus

Order: Chiroptera

Suborder: Yangochiroptera

Family: Molossidae

Call characteristics:

High frequency caller (35-45 kHz)


  2/3 oz

(18 g)

Body Length

4 in

(10 cm)

There are various sources for bat species range maps including IUCN, NatureServe, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ECOS, and the National Atlas of the United States

Pallas' Mastiff Bat

Pallas' Mastiff Bat

Pallas' mastiff bat, also known as the velvety free-tailed bat, has reddish brown to black fur and a musky odor. Found in subtropical forests, this species' range extends though Central and South America. This bat commonly roosts in manmade structures as well as tree hollows, palm fronds, rock crevices, and caves. Though they are native to Cuba, it is believed Pallas' mastiff bat was introduced to the Florida Keys as part of a mosquito control plan in 1929. Common food items for this bat include flies, beetles, ants, and moths.

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Conservation Status

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